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Let your imagination run wild

Tecbond coloured glue sticks blended with heat to release amazing vibrant colours and create a work of art.


While making various projects using hot melt glue from Glue Guns Direct I had a lot of off cuts and bits of coloured glue left over. It really bothered me seeing all those bits laying around.

Work of art

Thinking how I could utilise all these bits I came up with the idea of melting them with heat. I simply lay out the off cuts on the base of a metal roasting tin ( I used an old one so as not to get into too much trouble) and applied the heat from an electric heat gun (used for paint stripping)  I am very pleased with the results and found that by using a wood stick you can swirl the glue while still hot creating amazing effects.


So, don’t throw out ll those off cuts use them to make something a little different!


Jim Hickey.

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