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How to make a bowl using Tecbond Coloured Glue Sticks

Create beautiful and amazing designs, let your imagination run wild with Tecbond coloured glue sticks!


Take a glass or ceramic bowl, Tec 305-12 glue gun, Tecbond coloured glue sticks and have fun and enjoy making many different designs and patterns. Create, transform and decorate….

Crafter 1


I start with clear hot melt glue to create structure.  Layer in a cross-hatch pattern to give the bowl strength.

I have used a Pyrex dish, but whatever you use make sure it’s clean, as this helps with the release of the hot melt glue pattern from the bowl.

Crafter 2

Apply base colour hot melt glue to the sides – you will not see the bottom.The colour can be of your choice either in a pattern or just random. Leave to cool, later we will build up sides, lip and inside. Once cool run a sharp blade around the lip of the pattern to release the bowl from the mould. Once released you can start to build up the lip, sides and inside. I placed the hot melt glue bowl back inside the mould to make sure the shape is retained.


Crafter 5


Once cool again release the glue bowl from the mould. Clean and tidy up the edge of the glue bowl with the scissors.

We are done – quick and easy to make, and with so many shaped bowls around you can make all kinds of shapes and forms.

Note: Standard hot melt adhesives are not water or dishwasher resistant.

Please also note that you can spray the finished product with a clear lacquer to help improve UV / sunlight resistance, as otherwise the glue can soften in direct sunlight if left for too long.

Have fun and enjoy.

Jim Hickey.

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