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12mm glue gun vs 7mm (mini) glue gun

12mm glue gun vs 7mm (mini) glue gun – no comparison according to Lin Kendrick


Lin has been struggling away with her small 7mm glue gun and is forever refilling the tool with the small glue sticks, which gets very annoying, especially when you are gluing all day !

Now Lin has the Tec 305-12 glue gun and at a first glance she says the 7mm glue gun is really flimsy in comparison and the Tec 305-12 has a stand which prevents the gun falling over.

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Other features on the Tec 305-12 is the ON / OFF switch and the narrow profile and precision nozzle which aids visibility, allowing the molten Tecbond adhesive to be placed with high accuracy with is idea for bonding delicate items.


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Tec 305-12 probably the best craft glue gun available

Lin has been desperate to make some flowers out of paper and card but didn’t trust her 7mm glue gun and glue. Now she is happily gluing away with the Tec 305-12 with Tecbond 132-12 clear glue sticks. Lin has also made some buttons using the coloured glue sticks to use on the cards  and she is now itching to try the glitter glue sticks next.

Lin 2


Trade in your old 7mm glue gun, broken or whatever condition


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