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Best Glue Gun & Glue Sticks for Crafters

Tec 305 glue gun (HOT or LOW melt options) and Tecbond Multi-Temperature glue sticks have the power to bond almost all known materials used by artists and crafters.

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Watch our craft video showing the Tec 305 glue gun and see what you can GLUE………….


View the products within this video on-line by following the links below:

Tec 305-12 Glue Gun

Tec 305-12 Crafters Glue Gun Kit

Multi-Temperature Glue Sticks

Carry Case- Make your own kit


It’s all about the glue………..

Use the right glue and glue gun and you can stick almost anything. Tec 305 glue gun + Clear, Coloured or Glitter Multi-Temperature glue sticks are the perfect combination for crafters.

Multi-Temperature glue sticks for use in HOT or LOW melt glue guns will bond almost all known materials used by crafters.


What can we GLUE for you ?

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