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The Serious Crafters Glue Gun Kit with Multi-Temperature Glue Sticks




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Light weight and powerful 12mm glue gun for demanding GLUING. Multi-Temperature glue sticks for use in HOT or LOW melt glue guns.

Low melt glue guns reduces the risk of burns !



Hot Melt or Low Melt Glue Gun Options

Tec 805-12 offers unrivalled reliability and a light weight, powerful craft glue gun. Ease of use and exceptional adhesive melt rate for a glue of its size and delives 1.8 kilos of molten adhesive per hour. Glue sticks within this kit are Multi-Temperature and can be used in either Hot Melt or Low Melt glue guns.


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Low Melt glue guns reduces the risk of burns and can be used on heat sensitive materials such as Polystyrene.

Crafters Kit contains:

1x   Tec 805-12 Glue Gun (select HOT or LOW melt options)

20x Clear Multi-Temperature Glue Sticks

24x Coloured Multi-Temperature glue sticks, 2 of each colour: Brown, Dark Green, Light Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Gold, Silver, Red, Yellow, Black, White & Orange

25x Glitter Multi-Temperature glue sticks, 5 of each colour: Glitter Red, Glitter Green, Glitter Silver, Glitter Gold and Glitter Blue

1x   Tec silicone drip mat, non-stick

2x   Craft Dot ‘n’ Go applicators, 200 dots of each

1x   MDJ021 Precision Extension Nozzle

1x   MDJ018 Very fine Precision nozzle

1x   Black Plastic Carrying Case

Precision nozzle

MDJ018 Very fine Precision nozzle


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