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Glue Gun Art – New Glue Guns for Old

What do you do with hundreds of broken competitor glue guns ?


Butterfly made from broken competitors glue guns

You can throw them in the bin, you can be creative with glue gun art and make a glue gun butterfly or glue gun tree, nice use of the cord sets as roots……..


Tec Glue Guns have a 12 month warranty

Or you can send us your old, broken or whatever condition glue gun and exchange it for a new Tec glue gun with a 12 month warranty at a discount price !

Exchange Any Glue Gun – Any Condition


New Tec Glue Gun – 12 Month Warranty

We would ask everyone to take advantage of this unique opportunity. If you know someone who has a broken, old or whatever condition glue gun, encourage them to hand it in before it is too late!


Call 0161 627 1001 and exchange your old glue gun now


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