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Robots in Manchester !

Glue guns are so versatile and it still amazes us to who and where they are used. Everyday a new application is uncovered………

Meet Mark Haig a robot maker from Manchester, who designs and builds robots from upcycled materials.

Mark glues robot 16 landscape (CU gun) Best 5

Mark is challenged by such an array of different materials he needs an all-round glue that’s not going to fail. Taking a look around Mark’s workshop you can see to create these robots that Mark could be gluing an old PC monitor to a lampshade stand or an old miners lamp to a tin can, the gluing possibilities are just endless.


To be this creative you need the right glue for the job, in this case Tecbond 267-43 adhesive delivered by the new Eco-friendly and powerful Tec 3400 glue gun

Take a look at Mark’s website:
Find Mark on Facbook:

Mark glues robot 17 landscape

Tecbond adhesives deliver exceptional gluing power – what can we GLUE for you?

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