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Robot Competition Winner


Robot Competition Winner

We have received a fantastic response to our challenge to build a robot, and happily passed the difficult task of selecting winners to our guest judge, Mark Haig from Gizmobots.


I have great pleasure in announcing that the winner of the Public Competition is Steve Andrews. Steve made these life-size hand-carved robots from polystyrene sheets which he then glued together using none other than a glue gun. He then covered them in cement before painting them. Quite fitting for the week in which Star Wars: The Force Awakens is released to the UK cinemas, these fantastic 2 robots are of R2D2 and C3PO.


The education sector certainly rose to the task of creating robots and we received an abundance of brilliant entries. We really and truly didn’t envy poor Mark in having to select the winner, and runner-ups.

The winner is Theo Burley from Seaford College, Petworth. Theo wanted to make his robot as eco-friendly as possible and therefore collected washed-up rubbish from the beach and used a glue gun to stick the different bits of “rubbish” together. His creation is lovely and colourful as a result and in his own words, reminds him of a transformer.

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