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Use quality Gas with your Gas-Tec 600

Gas-Tec 600 – Butane Gas Quality Issues

We are seeing increasing numbers of Gas-Tec 600 tools being returned with ignition problems. Further investigations have revealed blockages in the the gas pipes, which can only have been caused by contaminants in the butane gas being used by the end-user.


Contaminated Gas Pipes

The black areas shown in the image above are oily contaminants from some butane gas which disrupts or blocks the gas supply to the tool causing the ignition to fail


Contaminant Free Gas Pipe

For trouble-free performance of the Gas-Tec 600 you must only use good quality butane gas when filling your tool. However, since there is no generally agreed standard for the promotion of good quality butane gas, you should only purchase gas if the labeling on the canisters shows one or more of the following phrases, indicating that it has been highly filteredIMG_4002

Super Clean Labeling

For best results only use Butane Gas with the following phrases:

  • Super Clean
  • Extra Refined
  • Ultra Refined
  • Contains no contaminants
  • Near zero impurities
  • Zero impurities

If you have been using basic butane gas, switching to a premium version will often disperse and clean out residual contaminants within the tool.


From a warranty point-of-view, we will start being more vigilant regarding this issue. Tools which show significant
contamination will no longer be accepted for replacement under warranty.

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