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March 2017 promotional offer

Buy a Tec 805-12 hot melt glue gun during March 2017 and 5 kilos of clear glue sticks at a bargain price 


High quality glue gun that is both robust and lightweight.

Tec 805-12 hot melt glue gun

+ 5 kilos of Clear glue sticks (approx. 270 glue sticks)

Only £55.00 + VAT

Carriage paid or upgrade to next day delivery (if applicable)


Keep on GLUING with a Tec glue gun


No limit to how many Tec 805-12’s you can order, extra discounts at checkout apply. Offer does not apply to the Tec 805-12 low melt model. 5 kilo carton of free clear glue sticks approx, 270 sticks per carton each stick 12mm dia x 180mm length.

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