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Buy 2 x 8000 dot rolls and get another roll FREE

July and August Glue Dot Promotion

24,000 glue dots

Only £36.00 + VAT


Available In:

Low Tack: Removable / Temporary Fixing, Credit Cards to Letters.

High Tack: Semi-Permanent, CD’s to Magazine Bonding, Removable

Super High Tack: Tack: Permanent, Strong Instant Bonding

Retail Repackaging • Printing • Direct Mail Point of Sale • Fulfillment • Arts and Crafts


Glue dots are used for bonding CD’s, membership cards, credit cards, sachets to food packaging, and promotional items to magazines, programmes and cartons. Protective packaging, Print finishers, contract packers, Mail Fulfilment, Electronics, Product assembly, Rosettes, Schools and Collages, Greeting card assembly, Food product labelling, Security, Small component assembly and Art and Crafts.

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including Matrx and Dot n Go

These are more than a simple dot!


Prices are plus VAT, delivery cost may apply, offer starts July 1st and ends 31st August 2017. Offer applies only to the 8000 dot pack of glue dots, available in all 3 tack levels, Low, High and Super High Tack.

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