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Bargain Tecbond 214 glue sticks -don’t miss out

Very setting adhesive formulated for packaging, carton closing, tray erecting applications

This is our flagship packaging grade !

We have made a batch using darker resins, adhesion is perfect,
but the glue does have an odour.

In light of the odour we have this product at a bargain price

184 cartons x 5kilos Tecbond 214-12-300
£15.00 per carton

Need a 12mm Tec glue gun


193 cartons x 5kilos Tecbond 214-15-300
£15.00 per carton

Need a 15mm Tec glue gun


Boxes are branded Tecbond 214

Used in an open warehouse or well ventilated area you would probably not notice the odour.

Once this stock has gone, it’s gone !

Prices are plus VAT

Carriage may be applicable


If you have an adhesion problem, don’t come unstuck – talk to the glue experts!

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