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Brexit – please check your stock levels

As part of our ongoing preparations for Brexit and whatever that may entail or end up looking like, we have significantly increased our stock holding to try to alleviate any supply issues over critical Brexit periods.

It is being suggested that lead times for deliveries into the UK from Europe could be increased by approximately 3-4 weeks, so we want to try to minimise any disruption for our customers or their production lines by increasing our stock holding.

Currently there is so much uncertainty about what may or may not be impacted by Brexit and therefore we want to touch base with all of our customers to check on their stock levels in the run-up to this critical period.  We do not know how various different areas of businesses may be affected and therefore if there will be any issues with freight services who may be particularly busy over the critical period if there are any changes to procedures and legal documentations required.

To this end, we would like to ask all of our customers to check their current stock levels and ensure that they have sufficient stock to see them through should we encounter any problems.  The more prepared we can be for any eventuality the smoother businesses should run over the Brexit period.  We are obviously liaising closely with our freight companies but until we know what will be required it is impossible to put concrete plans and procedures in place.

Where possible we feel it would be prudent to also ensure that you have sufficient stock to cover for a few months just in case any significant issues are encountered following Brexit.  Therefore we would like to ask you to assess your adhesive demands for the coming months to enable us to plan ahead better and manage our stock holding.  The earlier you place your orders with us the better prepared we can all be for any eventuality.  Whilst our stock holding has been extensively increased, there is a limit to the volume of stock we are able to hold at any one time, despite taking on an additional warehouse to facilitate stock holding.

We are confident that if we all work together we will hopefully experience a seamless Brexit and can look forward to the future and growing our businesses to our mutual benefits.


Kind regards

Andrew Barnes
General Manager

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