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A Guide to upholstery gluing for manufacturers and trade

Upholstered furniture, Marine and Vehicle upholstery are one of the fastest-growing segments in the global furniture industry. Upholstered furniture is products where upholstery fabric (including cotton, linen, wool, leather, acetate, hemp, silk, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, rayon, and nylon) is glued to padding materials such as foam, wadding and other internal materials. Increase in the new home construction market has seen an exploded demand for new furniture.

Q: Best glue for Foam bonding and covering large areas

A: Tuskbond HS350 premium upholstery adhesive is an extremely tacky, high solids, fast-drying spray adhesive. The adhesive is completely free from all chlorinated solvents and is designed to provide a fast, accurate and ergonomic application. HS350 is developed for bonding a wide variety of substrates. Suitable for bonding Thin Fabric, Thick Fabric, Hessian, Felt, Foam, Wood, Plastic and EPS. Excellent for bull nosing high memory foam

Q: Best aerosol glue for Fabric bonding

A: Tuskbond HT150 multipurpose upholstery adhesive is quick, clean and convenient, free from all chlorinated solvents. HT150 dries to leave a high tack film, suitable for bonding most fibrous materials, fabrics, insulation and polythene foam to a variety of substrates. It is ideal for small-scale assembly and laminating polyurethane foam. Bonds a wide variety of substrates including Thick Fabric, Hessian, Felt, Leather, Foam, Wood, Metal and Plastic

Q: Under pressure to reduce toxic emissions and ozone-depleting chemicals?

A: Tecbond Spraytec adhesives are a more environmentally friendly approach as they contain no solvents, release no toxic emissions into the atmosphere and stop the use of ozone-depleting chemicals. Tecbond Spraytec adhesives provide a very soft glue line and have an open time between 3 minutes and up to 6 minutes, after this the adhesive sets to produce a tough resilient bond. Excellent adhesion to most plastics including polypropylene! What can you GLUE with Spraytec adhesives?

  • Reduced insurance costs
  • No special requirement for storage and handling
  • No requirement for spray booths

Q:Best glue stick for Fabric and trim glue for upholstery 

A: Tecbond 132 clear adhesive with a high viscosity, which makes it suitable for porous substrates, such as fabrics and foams with excellent gap filling and low sag properties. The adhesive has a medium open time (setting time) which allows for the bonding of decorative upholstery trim, braid, piping cord, and even rope.

Q: Can I bond Silicone coated fabrics?

A: Silicone-coated fabrics and textiles comprised of varying substrates coated with silicone rubber compounds and are manufactured for use in environments that require high heat or flame resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and UV or weather resistance. Not the easiest to bond as the silicone (like Teflon) acts as a repellent. If you are working with these materials and require an adhesive solution please call our technicians for further advice: 0161 627 1001 or email: sales@gluegunsdirect.com

Q: Are any adhesives Fire Rated for upholstery and foam bonding?

A: Yes, Tuskbond One and Tuskbond G500 are both Class 0 fire rated. To download the certificate, please visit the relevant product pages. We are constantly updating the testing and certification for our products, so watch this space.

Q: Is there a low hazard solvent-based adhesive for upholstery and foam bonding?

A: Yes, Tuskbond XPR0 uses the latest solvent technology for minimal toxicity, meaning low hazard to human health. Possessing the best qualities of Tuskbond ONE, XPR0 provides incredible grab, high bond strength and excellent heat resistance. It is easy to apply and combines a long open time with a very fast drying time

Q: Why buy from gluegunsdirect.com?

A: With over 40 years of gluing knowledge and experience we are challenged on a daily basis to find the answer to various adhesive problems and new applications. You will be amazed at what we have been asked to bond and the majority of the time we have surprised ourselves by providing the answer to some very difficult adhesive problems. Gluegunsdirect.com offer a comprehensive range of market-leading adhesives technologies, technical support and training, UK stock holding across three warehouses and delivery when the customer needs it. We are the complete adhesive package!


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