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Glue stick sales soar across all 4 corners of the UK!

Manufacturing Tecbond glue sticks in the UK has seen a massive impact on demand as customers are supporting the Buy British banners and turning their backs on imported products.

Are you using British made glue sticks? Support British manufacturing, buy British!

31st July is our year end and despite, raw materials shortages, price instability, container shortages and many more issues around the world we have seen record sales and demand for Tecbond glue sticks. Made in Britain and proud to do so at the Tecbond glue stick manufacturing facility in Basildon is proving to be a real winner.

Shipped to all 4 corners of the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) we will keep you gluing – what can we GLUE for you?

Thank you for supporting British manufacturing


Did you know: Tecbond adhesives are often formulated using raw materials harvested from sustainable managed forests. Our packaging is recyclable, and where possible made from recycled materials

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