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Are you bonding foam? Create the bond with Tecbond Spraytec

Foam is used in so many applications from exercise mats, packing & shipping packaging, flight cases to gun case, furniture upholstery to office seating and insulation to acoustic sound dampening – create the bond with Tecbond Spraytec.

Tecbond Spraytec offer a range of semi-pressure sensitive polyolefin based hot melt adhesives with open times from 3 minutes to 6 minutes applied via the Tec 6300 or Tec 7300 spray glue guns. The unique design of the Tec 6300 and Tec 7300 tools allows users to spray Tecbond Spraytec on a wide range of surfaces quickly and efficiently.

What do closed/open cell foam, high density foam, polyurethane foam to name a few of the common foams used in manufacturing have in common? They are all securely bonded with the Tecbond Spraytec system which is proudly made in Basildon, stocked in Oldham with delivery when the customer need it!

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