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Adhesives for mattress bonding and assembly

Did you know we supply a range of adhesives for mattress bonding and assembly covering many adhesives technologies. Mattress assembly involves a wide range of materials and a variety of applications from foam bonding, pocket spring assembly and bonding fabrics and fibres. Adhesives play an important role in not just holding all the components together, but also making the mattress comfier and more durable.

Kenyon’s being the complete adhesive package offer a range of adhesives as it’s not the case of one adhesive does everything!

From the Henkel stable we have EVA, PS, Semi-PS, Polyolefin and metallocene bulk hot melt adhesives.

Tuskbond ONE and Tuskbond XPRO contact adhesives in both canister and aerosols.

Tecbond SprayTec unique hand-held semi-PS hot melt adhesive system.

Adhesives stocked in Oldham for delivery across the UK when the customer needs it!

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