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Happy customer, problem solved, and glue delivered on time!

Don’t come unstuck, we provide the answers to some very difficult adhesive problems.

On this occasion, we were approached by converter of vans into ambulances and emergency service vehicles.

Application, bonding floor mats, floor vinyl covering, door cards, and side panels. Challenge: to reduce the 3 contact adhesives currently being used at the factory from various supplies to 1 adhesive and 1 supplier. Also, improve the bond, reduce stock inventory, plus having one adhesive eliminates the risk of the wrong glue being used!

Solution: Tuskbond XPRO the next generation of contact adhesives, and it didn’t let us down at this customer. Tuskbond XPRO ticked all the boxes and provided an incredible grab to all materials with high bond strength which was achieved in minutes. One adhesive for all applications, view Tuskbond XPRO

Kenyon’s are the complete adhesive package – we solve the problem and with UK stock holding we deliver when the customer needs the adhesive!

The image shows the ambulance floor bonded which is the biggest application for Tuskbond XPRO at the factory.

Our glue man, Steve Morrow is challenged daily to find the answer to various adhesive problems and new applications, and he’s not been beaten yet! Have a gluing problem? Call, Steve on 07960 047020 or email: stevemorrow@kenyon-group.co.uk

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