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Cardboard packaging wraparound bonded with Quikdot Glue Squares

Sgaia Foods Ltd develop and make a range of plant-based foods in their 100% plant-based factory based in the vibrant city of Glasgow, Scotland. Their aim is to make flavourful, appealing, and highly nutritious food providing everything your body and mind needs. Owner, Alberto Casotto required a bonding solution for the wrap around cardboard product sleeve. The solution, QuikDot™ Pro applicator and QDP 7100 glue squares, perfect for Sgaia Foods specialist production runs requiring an invisible bond that’s protects brand integrity, and clean, instant bonding, providing a secure bond. Visit Sgaia Foods website for further insight into plant-based foods.


QuikDot™ is also a perfect gluing solution for food packaging such as, cartons, boxes, trays whereby the original method of sealing has failing causing the product to pop open. QuikDot™ is a quick and easy solution to resealing of pop opens without the need of rejecting or returning the products to the manufacturers.

Available in glue squares applied simply with the QuikDot™ pro applicator. QDP 7100 – designed for sealing flush sealing of lightweight boards and QDP 8100 – resealing heavier boards with a high “spring” memory.

Don’t forget, these glue dots are free from animal derivatives and FDA compliant adhesive.

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Q: Which glue square is best for sealing tri-wall or board with high memory?

A: QDP-8100 is engineered for heavy-weight corrugate and similar materials. These substrates are thicker and heavier with spring force memory.

Q: Are QuikDot glue squares free from animal derivatives?

A: Yes, free from animal derivatives and also, FDA compliant.

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