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Tecbond LM44 low melt adhesive has been replaced by Tecbond LM41

The upgraded version, Tecbond LM41 low melt adhesive has been launched to the market and delivers the perfect bond.

Tecbond LM41 is suitable for use on temperature sensitive materials that would be damaged by normal hotmelt temperatures, such as foams, thin films, and expanded polystyrene. The lower application temperature (130-160˚C) reduces the risk of accidental burns making it suitable for use in schools and for applications that require fingers to be close to the adhesive during assembly.

  • low stringing
  • good adhesive output
  • reduces risk of burns
  • suitable for heat sensitive materials

Available in 12mm, 15mm, 43mm and bulk prills.

Tecbond LM41 can be used as a fast-setting packaging adhesive that is perfect for small, delicate box and carton closing where improved operator safety is required.

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