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It’s new, It’s exciting, it’s biodegradable and a world’s first from Power Adhesives

Power Adhesives ongoing efforts to become a more environmentally sustainable company, they spent the past few years researching and developing a hot melt solution that is more eco-friendly, without compromising adhesive quality.

From this extensive work, they are proud to announce to have developed the world’s first fully certified biodegradable shaped hot melt adhesive – Tecbond 214B.

Based on the best-selling Tecbond 214 packaging adhesive, Tecbond 214B retains all the benefits of Tecbond 214 whilst breaking down after use with no harmful effects to nature.

Available in all shaped formats, plus bulk prills for tanks systems, Tecbond 214B is formulated using 44% bio-based materials and is designed to biodegrade in the presence of oxygen, UV light and heat. Upon biodegradation, only non-harmful materials are left behind, with no microplastics.

Tecbond 214B is the first hot melt adhesive that is certified to ASTM D6400, ASTM D6954, ASTM D6866, and EN13432, with rigorous testing taking place in industrial composting conditions.

Made in Basildon, stocked in Oldham for next day delivery across the UK

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