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TECBOND 134 / 12mm Tan Fast Setting Packaging

Tecbond 244-12-300 HMA Packaging Grade

Low cost glue sticks for bonding a wide range of paper and board

Low cost fast setting packaging adhesive for carton/case closing and general bonding of cardboard. Avail...

Made in Britain
£39.67(inc. VAT £47.6)
TECBOND LM44 / 43mm Low Melt Glue Slugs

TECBOND LM46 / 43mm Low Melt Glue Slugs

Low application temperature minimises the risk of burns

Tecbond LM46 is a white high performance adhesive formulated for application at low temperatures (13...

Made in Britain
£223.96(inc. VAT £268.75)

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