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Tecbond 141 LMA

Tecbond 141 LMA

Low melt adhesive minimises the risk of burns

Available 12mm, 15mm, 18mm (100 cartons per pallet) and 43mm glue sticks (50 cartons per pallet)

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Tecbond 141 LMA is a white high-performance adhesive formulated for application at low temperatures (130-160°C). It is suitable for use on temperature sensitive materials that would be damaged by normal hot melt adhesives.

This fast-setting adhesive can also be used for carton closing and other applications involving paper, board, wood, GRP, aluminium and some plastics. It is also useful for expanded polystyrene and polyethylene foam assembly, as the low application temperature prevents thermal damage distortion.

The low application temperature minimises the risk of burns, so it is particularly suitable for assembling small items where fingers work very close to the molten adhesive. It is suitable for schools and colleges as the risk of accidental burns are greatly reduced.

All constituent parts of this adhesive have been approved by the American F.D.A under C.F.R 21.175.105 (adhesives)

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