Glue Sticks for Bonding Polypropylene & Metal

Bonds Most Polypropylene Products
Recommend for all types of polypropylene bonding use Tecbond 267-43 Tecbond 263 is an..
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Excellent for bonding all polypropylene based products. Suitable for bonding Correx.
Tecbond 267 is a high performance adhesive formulated for polyolefin plastics such as polypropylene ..
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43mm high performance spray adhesive with up to 6 minutes' open time
Tecbond 430 is a spray adhesive with a very long open time. Once applied Tecbond 430 will provide..
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Polypropylene based hot melt adhesives are designed specifically for the bonding of Polypropylene (PP) to itself and to other substrates.