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B-Tec 808 Flooring Installation & Wood Repair

B-Tec 808 Flooring Installation & Wood Repair

Flooring Installation & Repair Made Easy

Glue Stick Diameter: Tecbond 12mm dia glue sticks

Voltage: 18v

Melt Rate: 2 kilos per hour of molten adhesive


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B-Tec 808 Flooring Installation & Wood Repair

Flooring installation and repairs made easy with the speed and strength of construction-grade hot melt adhesives. Apply hot melt virtually anywhere with the battery-operated b-tec 808 glue gun. Combined with a multipack of knottec® wood filling sticks, and two 5-stick packs of tackfix® construction adhesives, this kit has everything you need to lay flooring with ease and repair a knot hole or crack in minutes. With a wide range of uses, you’ll be surprised by what you can achieve with the Flooring Installation & Repair Kit

Kit contains:

b-tec 808-12 cordless glue gun (battery not included)

12-stick pack of multi-colour knottec® wood filling sticks

5-stick pack of tackfix® 180 glue sticks

5-stick pack of tackfix® 48 glue sticks

knottec® colour glue swatch

Extension nozzle


2 heatsink blocks

Gluesaver 2

Carry case

Tec mat

tackfix Installation

Tackfix® construction adhesives are the strongest in the industry. Both formulations offer tough, flexible and shock-resistant bonds over a range of surfaces, while still allowing for expansion and movement of the flooring. Tackfix adhesives are solvent free with no odour and are 100% solid. Guaranteed to deliver a fast set when installing boards, trim pieces, hardwood flooring and tack strips. Tackfix is also ideal for use on the following materials: Metal, concrete, plastic, brick, fibre cement board, wood, ceramic, stone, tiles, and much more

Knottec wood repair

Fast setting, easy-to-trim and easy-to-sand, knottec’s tough characteristics make it ideal for wood flooring repairs. You’ll find everything you need to make your flooring repair included in the kit. Knottec® wood-filling adhesive quickly and easily repairs knots, deep scratches or defects, while the heat sink blocks speed up the set of the filler, and the Mouseplane trims off excess material. Each knottec multipack contains two sticks each of Beech, Cola, Larch, Mahogany, Oak and Pine.

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