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TECBOND 214B / 12mm Biodegradable Glue Sticks

TECBOND 214B / 12mm Biodegradable Glue Sticks

Biodegradable - economical 12mm adhesive for packaging, paper, & board

Colour: Light Brown

Molten Tack: High

Open Time: Short, Short 1-15 seconds


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Tecbond 214B is the world’s first fully certified biodegradable shaped hot melt adhesive.

Available in all shaped stick formats, Tecbond 214B is designed to biodegrade in the presence of oxygen, UV light and heat. Based on the best-selling Tecbond 214 packaging adhesive, Tecbond 214B retains all the benefits of Tecbond 214 whilst breaking down after use.

For use with all Tec 12mm glue guns.

  • Biodegradable packaging hot melt adhesive for use on cardboard & paper substrates
  • Will start to degrade when exposed to oxygen, UV light and heat
  • High level of tack with fast setting speed
  • Non-toxic, formulated using 44% bio-based materials (ASTM D6866 certified)

The world’s first biodegradable shaped hot melt adhesive, Tecbond 214B offers users a more environmentally friendly alternative to regular packaging hot melts. Designed to break down in the presence of oxygen, UV light and heat, the process leaves behind only non-harmful products with no microplastics. Based on the best-selling Tecbond 214, Tecbond 214B is an economical packaging adhesive designed for use on most paper and board substrates. Formulated using 44% bio-based materials, Tecbond 214’s short open time speeds up carton closing procedures, with no need for extended holding or clamping periods after compression. Coupled with the adhesive’s cost per closure, Tecbond 214B is the ideal replacement for staples or tape for cardboard bonding applications.

Certified to ASTM D6400, EM13432, ASTM D6954 and ASTM D6866 standards, Tecbond 214B has been rigorously tested to ensure it retains the same adhesive properties as Tecbond 214 while being fully biodegradable.

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