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Flat lamination / General Assembly PUR hot melt

Technology: Polyurethane

Product Type: Hot Melt

Application: Flat Lamination PUR, Lamination / Assembly

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The legislation according to REACH regarding the handling of diisocyanates will change on 24th August 2023. You will need to inform and train your operators using PUR Hot melts or switch to Micro Emissions (ME) PUR Read more

Flat lamination hotmelt based on polyurethane for roller coater application.


Flat Lamination

  • General assembly work
  • Assembly bonding of wooden parts
  • Gluing of textiles and plastics

Product Advantages

  • Long open time
  • High initial strength
  • Chemical cross-linking within few days
  • Bond joint turns into a thermoset
  • Very high heat resistance (> 150°C) and cold flexibility
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Resistant to most solvents


Recommended working temperature
in the melting container 100 to 140°C
at the application roller 100 to 140°C

Recommended application amount
(depending on substrate) 50 to 400 g/m²

Since the product will cure when it is exposed to moisture, storage and application must be done under dry conditions. For this reason, the product is delivered in airtight containers.


Cleaning the system periodically or prior to changing to an alternative reactive hot melt will reduce internal build-up of adhesive residue. Application devices such as wheels and rolls that expose reactive adhesive to the air should be thoroughly flushed with TECHNOMELT PUR CLEANER 3 at the end of a production run or at any time when there is buildup and gelling. For cleaning the melting unit with TECHNOMELT PUR CLEANER 4 is recommended.

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