Loctite Teroson Modified Silanes

Demonstrates good adhesion to many substrates. The material demonstrates good resistance to UV-light and can therefore be used for exterior applications.
Body Repair – Bonding: for all areas where bonding and sealing is required. Silane-modified polymer,..
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TEROSON MS 939 FR is a flame retardant sealant and is therefore used for applications where reduced inflammability and low combustibility is needed, for example in vehicle construction.
Flame retardant, industrial, elastic bonding adhesive. Demonstrates high strength and vibration damp..
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TEROSON MS 939 is free of solvents, isocyanates, silicones and PVC. It demonstrates good adhesion to many substrates and is compatible with suitable paint systems
TEROSON MS 939 is a 1-part, low modulus, flexible, odourless modified silane polymer adhesive used f..
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TEROSON PU 8517 H is used as an adhesion promoter on glass and glass ceramic for glass bonding with polyurethanebased 1c or 2c adhesives / sealants.
Polyurethane-based liquid primer free of chlorinated hydrocarbons and aromatic solvents used as an a..
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Henkel’s TEROSON® is the driving brand for bonding, sealing, coating, acoustic, stiffening and reinforcing solutions in OEM transportation assembly, vehicle repair and maintenance (VRM) , industrial assemblies and building industry applications. The TEROSON® brand represents a global and scalable technology, offering extensive market and application competence; for innovative, reliable and complete systems solutions tailored to customer needs; using a wide range of technologies such as Acrylate, Bitumen, Epoxy, Ethylene-vinyl Acetate (EVA), Modified Silane Polymer, Polyamide, Polyurethane, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Rubber (butyls), Renewable Thermoset, Silicone, Unsaturated Polyester, and Wax; in the form of foams, foils, tapes, patches, extrusions, baffles, membranes, and pumbable/sprayable gels and liquids.


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