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Unsuitable competitor 43mm glue slugs / cartridges

Very Important Technical Bulletin

Following an investigation regarding a recent customer complaint, it has been brought to our attention that some glue stick competitors are supplying unsuitable 43mm adhesive cartridges (glue slugs) for use in our Tec 43mm glue gun range.

The glue slugs / cartridges in question are non-conforming and as such will not seal the barrel in our range of Tec 43mm glue guns. We would strongly recommend these glue slugs / cartridges are not used in our Tec glue guns, if you are using competitor glue slugs / cartridges within our Tec 43mm range of glue slugs we strongly recommend you stop using them with immediate effect and contact a member of our technical team for further advice.

Some of these competitor glue slug / cartridges are simply not suitable for use in our Tec 43mm glue guns and are potentially dangerous.

When used they allow molten glue to back up around the glue slug / cartridge, effectively sticking it to the barrel.

Early signs are persistent dripping as the glue slug / cartridge cannot relax back, the glue gun output will reduce and the trigger action will stiffen up due to the drag on the glue slug / cartridge. This leads to premature trigger and feed bar failure, it increases operator fatigue and increases risk of RSI type injuries.

Much more seriously in cases where a gun is left on unused sufficient molten adhesive will come back past the cartridge and exit via the breach of the glue gun over an operators hand. The adhesive will be close to 200C and will result in very serious burns.

It is vital that the correct specified Tecbond adhesives are used in our 43 mm Tec glue guns for both reliability and safety reasons. Each Tecbond 43mm glue formulation has a unique size specification to allow for the different rates of expansion the different formulations have. It is not the case of one size fits all ! Tecbond 43mm glue slugs / cartridges are designed for the smooth running within Tec 43mm glue guns.

Gluegunsdirect.com are unable to accept any glue gun warranty claims if found that non-Tecbond glue slugs / cartridges have been used and it is unlikely that our insurers will accept any personal injury claims if inappropriate adhesives have been used in the Tec 43mm glue gun range.

For safety reasons, please only use specified Tecbond 43mm glue slugs / cartridges within the Tec 43mm glue gun range !

If in doubt, please call 0161 627 1001 or email: sales@gluegunsdirect.com

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