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What Glue Is Used To Stick Credit Cards To Paper Letters?

The glue used to stick credit cards to paper is a pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive – known as gummy, snot, or booger glue. It’s very soft in nature so can be peeled and removed easily.


Gummy glues are used to form temporary bonds – perfect for sticking credit cards to paper. They can usually be removed months (even years) later without leaving any residue or damage on the product surface. The glue is so soft that it can’t be formed into a shaped adhesive – like a glue stick. Instead, it’s typically supplied as pre-extruded glue dots or bulk hot melt adhesive. You can view our full range of removable credit card glues here.

How do I know which to use?

What are glue dots?

Glue dots are pre-extruded hot melt adhesives. They’re applied cold and provide a clean and instant bond. Glue dots are supplied on a silicone release – so are easy to remove without leaving any mess or residue. They’re also acid and odour free.

Glue dots can be a preferred alternative to hot glues, liquid glues, and tapes. They’re usually cleaner and easier to use, with no risk of burns. However, they still share some of the same limitations eg:

  • Not waterproof
  • Not for use in direct sunlight
  • Not for exterior use

Types of glue dots

Gummy glues and glue dots can have thousands of potential applications:

  • Low tack glue dots are best used to create a temporary bond for lighter items eg attaching credit cards to letters.
  • High tack glue dots can bond heavier items eg attaching a CD or product sample to a magazine. These are still temporary and easy to remove.

Can removable adhesive be applied with a glue gun?

If they’re in bulk, gummy glues can be applied with a glue gun, or a bulk tank system. We stock the following adhesives – which can be used with a glue gun:

  • Tecbond 2507 FS: the low peel strength is suitable for temporary bonds – like when attaching credit cards to paper. The product comes as a small pillow and is easily loaded into the  Tec 4500 B glue gun.
You can view our range of removable adhesives here. If you need further help and advice or have any questions – call the team today on 0161 627 1001.


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