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Knot Holes made good in seconds with Tecbond 7718 glue sticks

Tecbond Knot-Tec polyamide filler enable knot holes and cracks in timer components to be filled and machined instantly. Tecbond Knot-Tec is rapidly becoming a ‘must-have’ system for producers of furniture components, windows, doors and restoration work.

Softwood and Hardwood panels usually contain knot holes and cracks which need to be filled, in order to optimise board yield. Traditionally this has been remedied using a variety of water-based fillers which can take over a day to fully dry. Tecbond Knot-Tec will dry in 25 seconds and can then be machined, lacquered or painted immediately, saving both cost and time.

Unique hot melt filler, no mixing, instant set


The filler is a unique hot melt adhesive, Tecbond 7718, which is melted in a Tec glue gun, Tec 305-12, Tec 805-12, Tec 810-12 and Tec 820-12 models which are specially designed for the purpose. The Molten product is applied into the hole, crack or other surface defect, directly from the Tec glue gun nozzle. After 25 seconds, the excess filler is chiselled, machined or removed using a Mouseplane and then lightly sanded, leaving a defect-free surface. The Fast setting polyamide adhesive filler has excellent heat resistance which means that friction heat generated during sanding or machining does not cause the filler to degrade. This also reduces clogging of sanding belts and discs.

The Tecbond Knot-Tec filler is supplied in 6 colours (Black, Amber, Beige, Cream, Dark Brown/Cola and Oak) enabling a good colour match with most types of wood.

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Some customer FAQs: 

Q: What is the primary use of Tecbond 7718 glue sticks?

A: Tecbond 7718 glue sticks are designed for filling knot holes and cracks in wood components rapidly, offering an instant solution for furniture components, windows, doors, and restoration work, making them a vital tool for optimising board yield in both softwood and hardwood panels.

Q: How does Tecbond 7718 improve the repair process compared to traditional methods?

A: Unlike traditional water-based fillers that may take over a day to dry, Tecbond 7718 sets in 25 seconds and can be immediately machined, lacquered, or painted. This significantly saves time and cost by speeding up the repair process and eliminating long drying times.

Q: Can Tecbond 7718 be matched with different wood colours?

A: Yes, Tecbond 7718 is available in six colours (Black, Amber, Beige, Cream, Dark Brown/Cola, and Oak) to ensure a close match with most wood types, enhancing the aesthetic finish of the repaired area.

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