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Tecbond Glue Sticks for Arts & Crafts

Feeling a little crafty, are you making Xmas decorations, handmade cards, sweet trees, floristry? Are you working with wood, paper, stone, shells, beads, fabric, cork, tin, buttons – whatever you are bonding we have a glue stick for your application!

Tecbond glue sticks and Tec glue guns are used extensively within the arts & crafts covering off some very interesting projects and applications, including a scale model of London Bridge made entirely from spaghetti bonded with Tecbond glue sticks. Everyday our sales office will receive a call from somebody looking to be artistic using a strange combination of materials that need sticking and then creating a work of art, we have been surprised on many occasions at what people want to bond and we like to say “What can we GLUE for you”.


Tecbond glue sticks are non-toxic, 100% solid material, no solvents and no mess! If you doing delicate or intricate work you may want to look at using a LOW MELT adhesive, which are safe and easy to use, plus they offer a reduce risk of burns!

Three main glue sticks used within arts & crafts, from homeworkers to schools are:

Tecbond 132Hot Melt Clear general purpose grade, will bond most materials used within arts and crafts. Low cost, available in 1kg (34 stick) and 5kg (170 stick) packs, with each stick being 12mm dia x 300mm length and are designed for use with the Tec 305-12, Tec 805-12 or Tec 810-12 Hot Melt glue guns.

Tecbond LM44Low Melt, safe and easy to use, will bond most materials used for crafting, will not damage heat sensitive materials like polystyrene. We have even seen a user apply low melt glue to an inflated balloon and attach a motif without it popping ! Available in 1kg (52 stick) and 5kg (260 stick) packs, with each sticks being 12mm dia x 200mm length and are designed for use with the Tec 305-12, Tec 805-12 or Tec 810-12 Low Melt glue guns.

Coloured and Glitter glue sticksHot Melt. Add a bit colour and sparkle to Xmas decor, novelty crackers, wrapping and personalised giftboxes – decorate and create with Tecbond Coloured and Glitter glue sticks. Coloured and Glitter glue sticks are 12mm dia x 200mm length and are designed for use with the Tec 305-12, Tec 805-12 or Tec 810-12 Hot Melt glue guns.


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All Tecbond glue sticks have been designed to run smoothly with Tec glue guns and we also offer a range of extras and nozzles to make life easier, precision nozzles for delicate work to silicone release mats to prevent drips sticking to the work surface – Nozzles & Extras. Pictured below is the MDJ018 Precision Nozzle the smallest orifice nozzle that we offer, 1.25mm – perfect for intricate and delicate work.

Precision nozzle

Tec 305-12 glue gun is proving to be a winner within the arts and crafts fields. The narrow profile of the Tec 305-12 aids visibility, allowing the molten Tecbond adhesive to be placed with high accuracy with is idea for bonding delicate items such as sequins and diamante bonding when used with Tecbond 132/12/300 glue sticks. Tec 305-12 is available in both Low Melt and Hot Melt options.

Probably the best craft glue gun available !

Tec 305 glue gun

Have a broken glue gun don’t throw it, exchange it for a new Tec glue gun with a 12 month warranty at a discounted price !!!!


Art and crafts markets encompasses a vast range of creative ideas, challenging materials and we have the sticking power! Having a gluing problem – call 0161 627 1001



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