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It’s all about the Nozzle

Crafter Carol Alletto knows using the right nozzle for the job improves product presentation and the ability to apply the right amount of glue.

20150520_180340_resizedOur finest precision nozzle

Carol needs precision gluing for her delicate work and the MDJ018 fine precision nozzle fitted to her Tec 305-12 glue gun works a treat.

Precision nozzle

MDJ018 Precision nozzle, 1.25mm orifice and 5mm extension


Carol was so impressed she kindly drop us a note:

“ I really wanted to test this product it was very easy to change the nozzle, which is great for me because i’m not confident with stuff like that .I like to believe I have a very steady hand but even still with a larger nozzle that comes as standard on this glue gun it is difficult to extrude a fine amount especially for the project I had in mind.


Delicate gluing use the MDJ018 nozzle

However Glue Guns Direct kindly provided me with a fine tip nozzle and the outcome is exceptional, the glue cannot come out too fast and so doesn’t produce excessive amounts it provides a slow even amount to be delivered to your project. The photos prove how fine I was able to achieve and adhere some tiny pearl trim on a string as an embellishment to me gift stake rosettes.  Excellent product and company to work with.  I’m a very happy crafter “

Carol Alletto at cazazzled



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Some popular FAQs: N.B. The MDJ018 has been replaced by the ADJ021

Q: Why is choosing the right nozzle important for glue guns?

A: The right nozzle ensures improved product presentation and allows for the application of the correct amount of glue, which is crucial for precision work.

Q: How does the ADJ021 precision nozzle benefit crafters?

A: The ADJ021 fine precision nozzle, with a 1.25mm orifice and 5mm extension, is designed for delicate glueing tasks. It enables a slow, even distribution of glue, preventing excessive output and ensuring fine, precise application.

Q: How does the ADJ021 precision nozzle enhance the performance of glue guns for detailed crafting projects?

The ADJ021 precision nozzle, with its fine 1.25mm orifice and 5mm extension, is specifically designed to facilitate delicate crafting tasks. It provides crafters the ability to apply glue with exceptional precision, ensuring a slow and controlled glue output that is ideal for intricate work and embellishments, thus significantly improving the quality and accuracy of their crafting projects.

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