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Glue stick with more sticking power

Tecbond 261 High Performance Hot Melt Glue Sticks

TECBOND 261 is a very high-performance glue sticks, high output, long open time, tough flexible adhesive, suitable for bonding ceramics, plastics, wood and difficult-to-bond substrates including polypropylene. Excellent adhesion to difficult-to-bond fabrics and UV varnished and laminated boards. TECBOND 261 is a very versatile product that will provide tough durable bonds on a wide range of substrates.

Tecbond 261 is a true problem solving adhesive which will provide tough durable flexible bonds. Available in 12mm / 15mm / 43mm glue sticks and bulk format for tank systems.

Over recent years, developments in hot melt glue sticks have allowed many product assembly applications to benefit from the efficiencies of hot melt glue sticks. Although high performance bonds are now possible on many substrates it should be remembered that final bond strength will vary depending upon the following criteria:

1. Temperature resistant

Glue Sticks are thermoplastic and consequently become more brittle at low temperatures and softer at higher temperatures. Because of the thermoplastic nature of Glue Sticks, the strength of a bond will vary with both the amount and rate of load at different temperatures.

2. Amount of adhesive applied

Bond strength will vary with the amount of adhesive applied. Larger amounts of adhesive cover a larger area and so increase overall strength. Additionally, larger amounts of adhesive conserve heat and consequently, the adhesive tends to be at a higher temperature when parts are brought together. This also increases bond strength.

3. Time taken to assemble

Once hot melt is applied, it starts to cool. If the assembly is not completed quickly enough, then the bond strength will suffer as the adhesive will have cooled to a point where a strong bond cannot be achieved. This is known as a cold bond and although initial results look acceptable, the bond can deteriorate over a 24-hour period to an unacceptable level.

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