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30% more molten glue per trigger pull with Tecbond 134-15

Thank you, Imogen from Image Tyres who likes the Tec 820-15 glue gun and Tecbond 134-15 adhesive so much she has kindly sent in a video showing how they use the glue gun and glue sticks purchased from gluegunsdirect.com

Quote from Imogen “We are really happy with the glue sticks as we box car tyres which can be quite heavy, and the glue never fails at keeping the box together all the way through transit.”


If you’re bonding cardboard then you need Tecbond 134 – Packaging, box assembly, carton closing, tray forming – stay glued with Tecbond!

When you need glue fast  – Think Tecbond 15mm glue sticks. Tecbond 134 -15mm glue sticks offer an increased output of 30% more molten glue per trigger pull, and with the glue gun holding up to 60% more glue means you do not need to reload as often as you would with a standard 12mm glue stick!

Tecbond 134 hot melt adhesive is formulated using a minimum of 40% Bio Based raw materials! Be kinder to the planet, create the bond with Tecbond 134

Are your cartons popping open, current glue coming unstuck? Challenge our team to keep you gluing:

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