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Bonding – Brick, Stone, Slate & Ceramic tiles to Display boards?

Instant bonding of Brick, Stone, Slate and Ceramic tiles to display boards is easy, clean and very cost effective, using Tecbond 261 hot melt adhesive.

Tecbond 261 replaces the use of messy, slow drying conventional tile cement, silicone sealants or expensive double sided tapes. Tecbond 261 is a high performance adhesive and once set forms a tough, flexible bond allowing the adhesive to flex with the board.



Tecbond 261 is a uniquely flexible hot melt that is quite different to all other hot melt sticks, Once set it remains extremely flexible. This enables it to withstand both shock loading, and the stresses caused by thermal expansion. The thermal expansion is an important factor with ceramic tile displays, The ceramic tiles do not expand or contract much with temperature changes, However the wooden boards they are attached to do.

This means that very high shear forces can occur along the adhesive line as the temperature changes, The larger the tile, the larger the distance between the blobs of adhesive and the higher the stress due to the different expansion rates. The problems tile display manufacturers face is that many ordinary hot melts initially look as strong as the Tecbond 261, but as the temperatures change with the change the less flexible adhesives are put under increasing stress until tiles start falling from boards, often 6 months later.

The benefits of using Tecbond 261 outweigh the small savings made by switching to the lower cost standard adhesive.

Tecbond 261 12mm | Tecbond 261 43mm

For heavy tiles or large floor tiles we recommend applying a “blob” of Everbuild EB 25 to the center and 4 “blobs” of the Tecbond 261 to each corner. The hot melt will give the instant grab while the EB25 cures. EB25 will offer extra strength required with these larger heavier tiles.

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