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We see an adhesive problem as a challenge and an opportunity to extend the bounds of today’s adhesive technology.

Our range of products serves an ever expanding range of electronic applications with a vast array of adhesives, from PUR adhesives to polyamide adhesives for bonding, potting and encapsulating.



  • Magnet Bonding
  • PCB Assembly
  • High Temperature Resistance
  • Wire Harnesses
  • Lamp bonding
  • High Dielectric Strength
  • Component Encapsulation
  • Wire Tacking
  • Instant Bonding
  • Resistor Potting
  • Many more specialist applications



Polyamide Hot Melt Glues for Potting & Encapsulating
A major new product from Tecbond is the Tecbond 7718 black polyamide potting compound, primarily for use in the electronics sector.

Traditionally, potting compounds are either epoxy or polyurethane and, as a result, they require mixing, contain hazardous chemicals, have a limited shelf life, long setting times and require special application equipment with costly disposable nozzles and other consumable parts. Inevitably, therefore, this type of system leads to a waste of both time and materials, and often considerable costs in consumables for the application equipment, not to mention the cost to the environment.

Tecbond 7718 is supplied in 12mm glue sticks. When needed, the sticks are simply loaded into a glue gun and dispensed onto the circuit requiring potting. The benefits of the system are enormous, particularly given that there is no mixing and no waste material as any unused material will be reactivated the next time the glue gun is switched on.

Tec-bond has a very low viscosity and so flows easily in to the smallest space. There are no consumable parts to buy for the glue gun, there is no cleaning or flushing required and no waste of unused material. High performance glue guns such as the Tec 810-12 | Tec 820-12 offering high performance and reliability.

Tecbond 7718 adhesive enjoys a very fast setting time dependent upon the amount applied and the application temperature. Consequently, there is no requirement for ovens to accelerate the curing process or large numbers of drying racks, trays and other jigs or fixtures.

Tecbond 7718 potting compound has a heat resistance of 135ºC and a softening point of 160ºC.

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