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The manufacturing of a mattress has for some time now been heavily reliant on adhesive technology. Historically solvented adhesives were used but in more recent years hot melts have been the adhesive of choice for most manufacturers.

This ensures a better working environment and gives greater flexibility in production methods while ensuring a superior product is produced.



Tecbond 420/43 Hot melt semi-pressure sensitive adhesive, this adhesive offers high initial hot tack and a soft glue line when set, ideal for micro fleece operation on a conventional spring mattress. Open time up to 3 minutes.

Tecbond 425/43 Hot-melt semi-pressure sensitive adhesive, ideal for bonding foam to foam, foam to wood and similar/dissimilar materials. Used and proven by major manufacturers in the mattress industry for foam to foam fabrication and bonding of micro fleece to foam. This grade has a dead film after a long open time and exhibits excellent tack. Open time up to 3 minutes.

Tecbond 430/43 Hot-melt with long open time, primarily it is used for the bonding of mattresses and therefore adhesion is very good to material such as polyether foam, latex foam, wooden material, non-woven, synthetic fibre material, ”fillers” and metal. This grade has a long open time. Open time up to 6 minutes.


Recommended Tec Glue Guns
Tec 6300 | Tec 7300 | or for bead applications Tec 6100 | Tec 7100

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mattress glue and how is it different from other adhesives?

Mattress glue is a specialised adhesive used in the manufacturing of mattresses. Historically, solvented adhesives were used, but hot melts have become the preferred choice in recent years due to their flexibility in production and superior bonding capabilities.

Why have hot melt adhesives become the adhesive of choice for mattress manufacturers?

Hot melt adhesives offer a better working environment and provide greater flexibility in production methods. They also ensure that a superior product is produced, making them the preferred choice over traditional solvented adhesives.

Can hot melt adhesives be used for memory foam mattresses?

Yes, hot melt adhesives, such as the Tecbond range, are suitable for bonding various substrates used in modern mattresses, including memory foam. They ensure strong adhesion and are ideal for foam-to-foam bonding.

What are the specific Tecbond adhesives recommended for mattress manufacturing?

Some of the recommended Tecbond adhesives for mattress manufacturing include:

  • Tecbond 420/43: Ideal for micro fleece operation on conventional spring mattresses.
  • Tecbond 425/43: Suitable for bonding foam to foam and foam to wood.
  • Tecbond 430/43: Used for bonding materials like polyether foam, latex foam, wooden material, non-woven, synthetic fibre material, and metal.

How long does it take for Tecbond adhesives to set?

The open time, which is the time the adhesive remains workable, varies based on the adhesive type. For instance:

  • Tecbond 420/43 and Tecbond 425/43 have an open time of up to 3 minutes.
  • Tecbond 430/43 has a longer open time of up to 6 minutes.

Which glue guns are recommended for applying mattress adhesives?

Some of the recommended Tec glue guns for mattress adhesive application include Tec 6300, Tec 7300, Tec 6100, and Tec 7100.

Do you also supply bulk hot melt adhesives for mattress manufacturing?

Yes, bulk hot melt adhesives are also available for larger scale mattress manufacturing needs.

We also supply bulk hot melt adhesives

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