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Protective Packaging

High Performance Protective Packaging. In todays world of high-tec products protective packaging is in great demend.

These demands come in all shapes and sizes with different materials, have reacted with a range of adhesives from Low Melt to full pressure sensitive adhesives and their application equipment.

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Tecbond 420/43 High performance shaped hot melt adhesives, with an extended open time primarily formulated for spraying. When sprayed via the Tec 6300 or Tec 7300 applicator the Tecbond 420 can be used for bonding packaging foams, bubble film, vacuum formed mouldings, polystyrene and many other heat sensitive materials. The extended open offering up to 3 minutes allows the ability to be repositioned.

Tecbond 425/43 An excellent sprayability and bond strength. High initial tack suitable for all foams and polystyrene used in the construction of protective packaging. Applied via the Tec 6300Tec 7300 or if a bead of adhesive is required the Tec 6100 or Tec 7100.

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Tecbond 430/43 High performance shaped hot melt adhesives with a very long open time when sprayed via a Tec 6300 or Tec 7300 applicator, providing an aggressive adhesive coating for up to 6 minutes, after this the adhesive sets to produce a tough resilient bond. Tecbond 430 offers excellent on heat sensitive materials such as polystyrene. Up to 6 minute open time.



Tecbond Low Melt Range white high performance adhesive formulated for application at low temperatures for use on temperature sensitive materials that would be damaged by normal hot melt temperatures. Available in 12mm, 15mm and 43mm slugs is designed to bond expanded polystyrene and polyethylene foam to cardboard as the low application temperature prevents thermal damaged distortion. The low application temperature minimizes the risk of burns.

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