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Gard PC 800 Cleaning Agent

Gard PC 800 Cleaning Agent

Cleaning agent ensures effective maintenance-free production

Technology: Panel edge and panel surface cleaning

Product Type: Spray / gravity fed system or manually by clean cloth.

Application: Cleaner, Remove hot melt residue, grease and surface contamination.


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Serious alternative to the release agent, antistatic coolant and cleaning agent offered by some competitors !

The theory is, if the cleaning agent is good then there is no need for anti-static and release agent and PC 800 is good. GARD PC 800 penetrates and dissolves all hot melt glue, enabling the final buffing wheel to wipe clean.

When used as the board enters the line for edging, will provide a microscopic film release to assist in the adhesive removal by the buffing wheel.

  • Simplifies the process.
  • Sprays onto lower and upper edge of board/workpiece.
  • Removes glue and any other residue
  • Improves finish
  • EVA / PUR

Also used as a panel cleaner for removing hot melt adhesive. GARD PC 800 will remove hot melt residue, grease and surface contamination.

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