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MatrX™ Permanent Glue Dots

MatrX™ Permanent Glue Dots

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Permanent, Instant Bonding


Length: 6mm / 12mm (Medium Profile) width x 18m length

Vegan: These glue dots are free from Animal Derivatives


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MatrX Adhesives and the Dot Shot™ Pro

MatrX, the innovative micro-dot adhesive pattern from Glue Dots™ International, provides effective, continuous coverage on almost any substrate. A cleaner, easy-to-use alternative to transfer tapes, double-sided tapes, and liquid glues, MatrX is designed with endless benefits for a variety of industrial applications.

MatrX adhesives are intended to be applied using the Dot Shot Pro handheld applicator. The newly improved unit features specially designed nose rollers that allow for optimal performance with both MatrX and standard Glue Dots products. The ergonomic, triggerless design of the Dot Shot Pro provides fast and easy application resulting in increased productivity.

Benefits of MatrX™
Instant Bonding
Easy To Use
Clean Cutoff
No Residue
Less Waste

Apply MatrX™ with the improved easy loading, triggerless, Dot Shot™ Pro. MatrX™ adhesives are versatile and ideal for countless projects. Below are some of the most common uses of MatrX™.

• Point of Purchase Display Assembly
• Adhering Matting in Picture Frames
• Sealing and Re-Sealing Food & Beverage Cartons
• Building (Gluing) Pocket/Presentation Folders
• Make a Non-adhesive Product, Adhesive
• Assembling Sample Books
• Securing Items Prior to Shrink-wrapping
• A Third Hand Fix
• Sign & Display Manufacturing
• Securing Items Within Clamshells
• Joining Sheeting, Films, Liners, Papers etc…
• Mounting Lightweight Trims, Boards, Items

You will need a Dot Shot™ Pro Applicator to apply these glue dots. View the rest of our glue dots here.

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