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TECHNOMELT Cleaner Easyflow

TECHNOMELT Cleaner Easyflow

Supplied in very small pillows and an easy option for EVA cleaning and cleaner than using the liquid cleaners

Technology: Cleaner

Product Type: Cleaning Agent

Appearance: Granules, Transparent, Solid


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Technomelt Cleaner Easyflow cleaner for EVA, PO and PUR glues

Application areas:
Cleaning of strong contaminated machine parts, like extruder, tank equipment, hoses and nozzles.

Product properties:
Active cleaning agent for application and melting systems which are in contact with hotmelt adhesives High cleaning effect.

Please also refer to the local safety instructions and contact Henkel for analytical support.

Cleaning of extruder melting systems and roller application units TECHNOMELT® CLEANER EASYFLOW is especially suitable for the cleaning of complete extruder melting systems including buffer tank, hoses and slot nozzles as well as roller application systems. The temperature should not exceed 160°C before entering the extruder. The temperature of the buffer tank including pump, hose and slot nozzle should not be above 170°C. Ensure to have sufficient exhausting available. Cleaning time is depending on the assumed degree of contamination. The longer the application time of the cleaner, the better the result. The cleaner should act for at least 8 hours on the recommended temperature. It is recommended – especially upon use of nozzle systems – to rinse very carefully in order to remove all loose sedimentation from the system. Equipment with filters has to be checked regularly and flushed again if required.

Cleaning of roller application systems TECHNOMELT® CLEANER EASYFLOW cleans also roller application units as part of edge banding machines.

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