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AQUENCE KL 071/2 Formaldehyde Free D3 PVA

AQUENCE KL 071/2 Formaldehyde Free D3 PVA

Formaldehyde Free D3 PVA adhesive

Technology: Formaldehyde free PVA Dispersion

Product Type: D3 Water resistant as per D3 / EN 204

Application: Assembly

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Help protect the environment by lowering hazardous formaldehyde emissions. Lowering hazardous formaldehyde emissions with Henkel Aquence KL071/2 D3 PVA adhesive

HENKEL AQUENCE KL 071/2 delivers multiple benefits:

Formaldehyde-free* (* <10 mg/kg; testified by TÜV Rheinland)

Compliant with the European Maritime Equipment Directive (MED) and thus suitable for usage and installation on board of maritime vehicles in the European Union without further approvals

A neutral pH value and thus a much lower probability of discoloration

As a one component (1C) product, this grade fulfills D3 water durability class, according to the standard EN 204

Furthermore, this grade can be upgraded to D4 water durability class, according to the standard EN 204, by adding 5% of the crosslinker AQUENCE Catalyst R.397

Applications included: Assembly, lamination, veneering, window and door manufacturing

Application Areas

● Joints where increased water resistance is required

● Gluing solid wood

 ● Gluing of blockboard cores and composed solid wood panels

● Doors and stairs

● Veneer gluing

Cleaning Equipment used to apply the glue may be cleaned easily using cold or luke-warm water before the adhesive has dried hard. Hard dried glue remnants have to be removed mechanically.

Storage: Store in the original tightly closed container in a cool, dry place away from frost. Stir well before use. Storage life up to 12 months.

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