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Fast-setting D2 assembly & carcass glue

Technology: PVA Dispersion

Product Type: Surface & Assembly Glue

Application: Assembly, Water based

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AQUENCE WL 041/1 is a fast-setting D2 glue for surface bonding and assembly.


  • Gluing solid wood
  • Gluing of block board cores and composed solid wood panels
  • Assembly and carcass gluing
  • Dowel insertion as well as mortice and tenon gluing
  • Gluing of laminate sheets (CPL/HPL) and veneer to chipboard, block board and the like
  • Edge banding of veneer, solid and HPL edges in stationary presses, either cold or using heating elements

Product Advantages

  • Medium viscosity
  • Very short setting time
  • Gap filling
  • Gives tough-elastic glue joints
  • Workable glue joints
  • Highest bonding strength with wood and furniture gluing
  • High moisture resistance in compliance with D2 as per EN 204
  • High water resistance by adding of cross-linker AQUENCE CATALYST R 397 = Durability class D3 as per EN 204


Store in the original tighly closed container in a cool, dry
place away from frost.
Stir well before use.
Storage life up to 12 months.


In general AQUENCE WL 041/1 is a D2 glue which can be upgrades to D3 acc. to EN 204 when adding 1 % of cross-linker AQUENCE Catalyst R 397. Glue and crosslinker should be mixed well and used within approx. 7 hours (pot life). The setting and pressure times of the glue/cross-linker mixture are – depending on the added
amount of cross-linker about 2-3 min longer than AQUENCE WL 041/1 glue without cross-linker.

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