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Extreme Bond-Ability

Gluegunsdirect.com are pleased to highlight Tecbond 425-43 hot melt adhesive, formulated to be sprayed offering extended open time – approx 3 minutes, maximum delivery rate and sprayability.

Tecbond 425-43 is the latest addition to the Tecbond range of hot melt ‘sprayable’ adhesives and complements the existing grades. Applied via a hand-held applicator, the Tecbond family now offers open times from 1 to 6 minutes to bond various substrates such as; – packaging foam, fabrics, polystyrene, bubble film, vacuum foamed mouldings, upholstery foams, polypropylene, GRP, stainless steel, expanded polystyrene and concrete.

Applications can be very diverse, ranging from foam fabrication through to concrete moulds and even sports floors. Hot melt adhesives are rapidly becoming an environmentally friendly alternative to many traditional methods of fastening. Hot melt adhesives are 100% solid, non-toxic adhesives containing no solvents or water, and provide instant, permanent bonding on a vast range of materials without the use of harmful solvents. They are ideal for fast repetitive gluing applications. Complemented by the new Tec7300 hot melt applicator with its 1,000 watt heater, this duo is probably the World’s most powerful hand held system.

The world would truly become unstuck without gluegunsdirect.com and the applications for their hot melt adhesives!

Tecbond 425 Spray-Tec

Tec 7300 spray glue gun

Tecbond Glue Selector


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