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Tecbond Glue Stick Selector

Tecbond Glue Stick Selector –

By popular demand, the Tecbond Glue Selector has being added to gluegunsdirect.com website to assist customers with Tecbond’s ever growing range of glue sticks and glue slugs. The Tecbond Glue Selector covers off the main products from the Tecbond stable and offers customers with a brief insight to each product, Description, Colour, Open Time, Molten Tack. Each product is then linked back to it’s given page on the gluegunsdirect.com website for easy of use.

Description: Briefly outlines the general use of the Tecbond adhesive. In general, potential users of hot melt adhesive should perform their own tests to satisfy themselves that the adhesive will meet their requirements in the various conditions the finished product may encounter. Sample test packs are available for testing purposes.

Colour: Tecbond adhesives are available in different colours for applications requiring, decoration, security coding or for cosmetic appearances. Tecbond offer a range of colour glue sticks for arts & crafts which are available in Glitter Red, Green, Silver, Gold and Multi-coloured and Tecbond solid colour glue sticks available in Brown, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Gold, Silver, Red, Yellow, Orange, Dark Blue, Black and White.

Open time: The open time is the amount of working time available to make a satisfactory bond after the hot melt adhesive has been applied

Short: 1-15 seconds
Medium: 15-30 seconds
Long: 30-60 seconds

Molten Tack: Also known as “Hot Tack” is given by the resins used in the formulation and relates to the stickiness of the adhesive.

Tecbond adhesives are available in 12mm, 15mm and 43mm diameter glue sticks as standard, however as UK manufacturers of glue sticks, formulations can be customised for specific applications, change the diameter, colour or even the temperature resistance, let us help you find the perfect adhesive solution!

Have a gluing problem, give us a call on 0161 627 1001 or email: sales@gluegunsdirect.com

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Tecbond glue stick sample test packs for testing purposes are available, please call 0161 627 1001

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