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What is a Hot Melt Adhesive?

Hot melt adhesives, available at Gluegunsdirect.com, provide quick, strong, and versatile bonding solutions. Melting at high temperatures and hardening upon cooling, these adhesives are perfect for a variety of applications across multiple materials. They are solvent-free, safe to use, and promise durability. Compatible with our range of hot glue guns, hot melt adhesives deliver consistent results for all your bonding needs.

What are hot melt adhesives made of?

  • Hot melt adhesives contain no solvents, and no water.
  • They set by loss of heat. This gives them a very fast setting speed.
  • They can bond two non-porous materials.
  • Polymers give the adhesive strength and a degree of flexibility.
  • Resins give the immediate hot-tack of the adhesives.
  • Wax thins the adhesive so that it can be applied.
  • Antioxidants help preserve the adhesive at high temperatures.

How do hot-melts work?

  • Hot-melts are applied to a material in the liquid (molten) state.
  • The time between applying the adhesive and then bringing the second material in contact is called open time.
  • When the second material is brought into contact, the adhesive cools down and solidifies very quickly.
  • Compression of materials is very important at this stage.

What affects adhesion?

As hot melt adhesives set by the loss of heat, the temperature at which they are applied is critical. It must be liquid (molten) enough to wet out the substrates, and be hot enough for assembly before cooling. If the adhesive is not hot enough (in the molten stage), a bond may be made which will fail at a later stage (cold bond).

On the other hand, if the adhesive is applied at too high a temperature, it will remain molten for too long, and may come out of the compression stage still soft. Any stress on the bond will then cause failure immediately or produce a weakened bond that will fail at a later stage.

Application Tips

  • Materials being bonded must be clean, dry and free of dust, oil and grease.
  • Hot melt adhesive must be applied at the correct temperature.
  • The temperature of the materials and surroundings can affect adhesion:
  • Too hot and the adhesive takes too long to set
  • Too cold and the adhesive sets before materials are bonded.
  • The amount of adhesive applied will greatly affect the bond:
  • Too little and the adhesive will cool more quickly, perhaps before the bond has been made properly
  • Too much adhesive prevents the bond cooling down before coming out of compression, allowing it to come apart.

Our customers also asked: 

Q: What exactly is a hot melt adhesive?

A: Tecbond hot melt adhesives are typically applied at 195c and for some speciality polyamide grades as high as 215c as opposed to low melt adhesive which are typically applied at 130c. Tecbond hot melt adhesives are formulated for polymers, such as EVA, polyolefin, polyamide and acrylic to give the adhesive strength and a degree of flexibility. Hot melt adhesives also contain resins that give the immediate hot-tack of the adhesives, wax that thins the adhesive so that it can be applied and antioxidants that help preserve the adhesive at high temperatures. Currently there are over 40 different hot melt adhesives designed for complex bonding of materials used in today’s manufacturing.

Q: What are the main components of a hot melt adhesive?

Every component used in the manufacture of Tecbond hot melt adhesives is important to the formulation, performance, open time and the ability of the adhesive to bond.

Q: What are the advantages of using hot melt adhesives?

A: Tecbond hot melt adhesives have a wider selection of adhesive formulations to choose from, covering the bonding of more challenging materials like polypropylene, plastics, ABS, acrylics and even metals. Tecbond low melt adhesives carry a reduced risk of burns due to a lower temperature and are commonly used for bonding heat-sensitive materials, arts and crafts and schools.

Q: How should I store hot melt adhesives to maintain their quality?

A: Tecbond hot melts can be stored for indefinite periods, but stock rotation is advised. Store in a dry, well-ventilated place. Keep in original containers to avoid contamination with moisture and other foreign bodies. Keep containers closed.


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