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Best Glue Gun for your money – Tec 805-12

As evidenced by the phenomenal increase in sales through The Tec 805-12 glue gun that accepts Tecbond 12mm glue sticks, is a high quality glue gun designed for arts & crafts / industrial use, weighing in at only 450 grms, but delivers the power to stick that you associate with much larger guns. The Tec 805 is a popular glue gun, definitely the best glue gun for your money based on key points that customers liked about the gun:

  • Full hand lever trigger
  • The narrow profile of the gun aiding visibility when gluing
  • High output of molten glue for its size (1.8 / kilos of molten glue per hour)
  • Optimum comfort, light weight and ease of use
  • Very fast heat up time of only 3 minutes
  • Range of optional nozzles for variety of tasks, precision, spreader, 2 holed, 3 holed nozzles
  • 12 months warranty, peace of mind that customers are buying from reputable source
  • Trade-in service, exchange a broken competitor gun for a new Tec 805 with 40% discount
  • FREE pack 20 sticks of Tecbond 132/12 Clear glue sticks!
  • Price, at only £38.00 for a powerful and robust glue gun

The TEC 805-12 glue gun combines quality with cost efficiency and provides a professional mid-range glue gun to be used for many challenging gluing applications.

To view the Tec 805-12 glue gun, in our opinion the best glue gun for your money, BUY- click here.

Also within the range is the Tec 805-12’s big brother, the Tec 805-15 which deliveries 30% more glue per trigger pull than standard 12mm tools, so you need to reload less often. View the Tec 805-15

Have an old or broken glue gun? Don’t throw it, exchange it for a new Tec 805 with a 12 month warranty at a discounted price.

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