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Paintless dent repair with glue guns

What Is Paintless Dent Removal?

Paintless dent removal, often referred to as “PDR”, is a method for removing minor dents and dings from the body of a car, van, caravan or any other vehicle. Using PDR glue tabs and other paintless dent removal tools, a wide range of damage can be repaired.

Dent repair (specifically car dent repair and caravan dent repair) can include a wide range of services, but the most common uses of PDR are for repairing car door dings, hail damage, minor body creases and minor bumper indentations. There are limiting factors for a successful repair, though – the flexibility of the paint and the amount of metal stretched by the damage. Extremely sharp dents may not be repairable, but a very skilled dent repair technician may surprise you!

PDR with glue, or glue pulling, is an alternative to “tapping”, which involves tapping the dent out from the inside of the vehicle panel. Although this method is more established than glue pulling, glue PDR has the advantage of being more precise and effective, as well as being compatible with both aluminium and steel doors. Using this technique also makes it easier to correct dents in hard to reach areas.

How does it work?

PDR glue and specially designed PDR tabs are attached to the outside of the panel and then used to pull the dents out. Fine-tuning of the repair also involves tapping down the repair to shrink the metal and make the surface flat.

We’ve provided a step by step process to glue pulling below, but remember that it should only be practiced by qualified technicians.

  1. Hot glue is applied to to the glue tab.
  2. The tab is applied to the dent and the glue is left to cool for 45-60 seconds.
  3. A car dent remover tool is applied to the tab.
  4. The tab is pulled and manipulated using this apparatus.
  5. The tab is then released from the car with a special spray (such as Melt-O-Clean) and the glue is removed.

This video is a good illustration of the way PDR works.

What apparatus is used?

The Gas-Tec 600 glue gun is one of the most popular PDR tools with technicians. The main reason PDR technicians use the Gas-Tec 600 is its portability. It’s a robust compact hot melt glue gun that runs on butane gas – this means it doesn’t require mains electricity or batteries but operates using easily refillable LEC (liquid energy cells) power technology.

It’s also commonly used in conjunction with Tecbond PDR glue sticks, available in a range of colours

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You can find more information on paintless dent removal techniques Here


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