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Tec 805-12mm and Tec 805-15mm Glue Guns now available in Low Melt

Tec 805-12 and Tec 805-15 now available in Low Melt Versions

The Tec 805 Glue Gun which has seen sales soar in the UK and Europe since its launch in May 2011 and now, we see further developments. To complement the Tec 805 range we see the addition of a Low Melt tool designed to operate at lower temperatures using Tecbond LM44 low melt adhesive for 12mm tools and Tecbond LM46 low melt adhesive for 15mm tools.


Tec 805-12 Low Melt for use with Tecbond LM44/12/200 Low Melt Adhesive

Tec 805-15 Low Melt for use with Tecbond LM46/15/200 Low Melt Adhesive


Low Melt adhesives typically melt at 130c and leaves the nozzle around 120c suitable for use on temperature sensitive materials that would be damaged by normal hot melt adhesives.

The low application temperature minimises the risk of burns, so it is particularly suitable for assembling small items where fingers work very close to the molten adhesive. It is suitable for schools and colleges as the risk of accidental burns are greatly reduced.

The Tec 805 range (12mm / 15mm) is now available in many configurations. High Melt and Low Melt temperature versions, supported by being supplied in 110 volt UK, 240 volt UK and European voltages for supply to most countries within the EU as standard.

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